Volkswagen Polo Sedan

VW is well known as a parent company for many level type of cars. From super fast luxury cars to economic cars. They also have their own various line of cars under the named Volkswagen like Passat, Golf GTi, Polo and many more. Their aim is to built cars for everybody in every country based on their needs.


VW have introduced Polo hatchback a couple of years before and we can see a lot of Polo on Malaysian roads.


But when I heard they will introduce a sedan model, like I have said it must be ugly and weird. I am a typical person when I heard a new model will come out based on their success hatchback model … I have seen many terrible and weird design; they like stretching the hatchback model and put some tail on it to make it look like a sedan with bigger back compartment. Usually car manufacturer used this method to save cost.



But my thought was wrong since they have build a proper cars. It look nice and ease for eye to look at it.


The new Polo Sedan is powered by 1.6L naturally aspired engine with 6 speed automatic with Tiptronic. It also have 4 air bags (2 at front and 2 at the sides). For me, it is a great car for entry level.



Don’t expect a luxury material and feels inside the cars. If you like, they also offered a chrome trim for its interior. In conclusion, Polo sedan is a practical cars with reasonable price for someone who would to own a VW cars and also another choice to choose other than Korean or Japanese cars


Cant wait to look for people who bought this car and change its look to be more radical! Just look this modified Polo


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