Video: Skyline GT-R R35 Set New Record on Lake Baikal, Rusia

Before these, current top speed record was hold by Bentley Supersports Convertible (driven by Juha Kankkunen). Skyline GT-R R35 are well known for its superb handling and it has ambitious aim, Nissan Rusia with association with Lav Production have taken these 3.8L with 540hp into its limit.

No modification have been done, including its all 4 tires. It is a straight line track on a frozen Lake Baikal (You can see through the track!).

Just for your information, it is very hard enough to drive on slippery road with normal speed. But to drive it on ice with aim to break a new top speed … in a normal car, you can just easily lost control of the cars and roll over. With Skyline GT-R, it is a well equip performance car. It has an all wheel drive system which able to transmit all its power and control the car perfectly in different type of environment. They have successfully breaking the record with a top speed of 294.8 km/h. So, if you are Skyline owner or Skyline fan, we can proud of it

Enjoy the video from Nissan Europe

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