Vencer finally building Sarthe supercar

Dutch startup Vencer claims to have finalized a production version of its Sarthe super car. After introducing the initial concept several years ago, the company has been working to tweak the design and run the pre-production prototypes through testing and validation. The cars that are beginning to leave the manufacturing facility are said to feature over 100 modifications, both to mechanics and body styling. Taking on a more aggressive and refined apperance, the form now features side air intakes, rearranged exhaust outlets, vertical DRL strips and an electronically actuated rear wing.

The company has also opted for a more powerful engine, adopting a 6.3-liter supercharged V8. The mill promises to deliver 622 horsepower and 618 lb-ft of torque, with 479 lb-ft of twist available at just 1,500rpm. A carbon-fiber shell and honeycomb-structure chrome-moly steel chassis help keep heft to a minimum, with a nearly ideal 45/55 weight distribution.

Power is delivered to the wheels via a six-speed manual transmission. A Torsen limited-slip differential is all the assistance drivers can expect, as the company has intentionally omitted electronic stability systems.The company is said to be at work building the first units, which start at €270,882 (~$348,000 USD). It is unclear if the Dutch supercar will make its way across the pond.

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