Toyota HIACE


Toyota HIACE is a common vehicle used in Malaysia. Due to its practicality, it is one of popular van used to transport goods or passengers.


I used to love the 4th generation HIACE. I still remember my school teacher used to have this van (with some modification) to take his football team to a game.


The introduction of this 5th generation in 2004, continue as one of competitor in its own market segment with many variation engine to suite customer needs.


As a country near Thailand, I always love the way Thai people modified their trucks, pickup trucks and van including this one.


But the picture that I get here is a modification mainly from Japan. With a custom body kits and nice sports rim, it gave this van a new look (of course better looks!)

Nice clean black


some crazy drifting…Surprised smile


  • Razeef Mohamed

    January 18, 01 2011 09:25:41

    Nice post. Good photos. please visit my blog and leave a comment. This van is a wonderful vehicle.
    We will start the trend in Malaysia very soon.

  • Khairul Shukeri

    January 20, 01 2011 03:46:56

    thanks and i just visit your blog … nice blog Mr Razeef 😉

  • Razeef Mohamed

    January 22, 01 2011 01:25:03

    Thanks khairul. still new and in need of more materials. Should be ok once we start our business. right now still in the works.

  • Khairul Shukeri

    January 22, 01 2011 04:55:55

    Good luck! Email me pictures if you have nice project to share 😀

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