The FT-1 Returns

It’s not significantly changed from the red concept we saw earlier this year, but it does help shine a different light on the futuristic supercar. The biggest change is the body color, with the red replaced by an elegant graphite color that really helps to accentuate the FT-1′s aggressive lines.

 Unfortunately Toyota has not yet given confirmation that the FT-1 Concept will become a reality, but the fact they’ve given it so much attention is certainly a good sign.

Other changes come in the cockpit, which is now finished with saddle tan leather upholstery combined with metal accents. I have to say that the traditional coloring works very well with the FT-1′s extremely modern cockpit layout.Whatever Toyota’s final plan is, the goal here was obviously to get us even more excited about seeing this car become a reality. To that I say, mission accomplished

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