The 911’s Appeal Is a German Thing

You’ll often hear Porsche 911 owners say the same thing about how they ended up buying one: They could never forget the feeling they experienced during their first ride. Top-flight Porsche restorer John Willhoit will comment on how the rear-engine layout gives the 911 its unique handling and plenty of room in the interior, but he’ll also tell you that, after his first ride in one, he was hooked.

Willhoit’s 1971 Pastel Blue 911T wasn’t his first Porsche; it was a one-owner basketcase parked outside his sister’s neighbor’s garage when he found it 20 years ago. Rain water had been draining onto and into it for years, so it was clear to him when he saw it in person that it would be a labor of love to bring it back to life. Of all the things we would expect in a restoration done to this level, it would be a paint job, but, amazingly, the paint is original! Everything else, however, isn’t.


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