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Top Gear got into controversy (again)

AutoBlog reported Top Gear is in hot water again. It is because they are shooting in a place where a women crash in head on collision and died. The poor ...

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Video: Top Gear–The Lamborghini Aventador

Enjoy your Monday morning and have a productive day!

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Video: Top Gear – Porsche Turbo vs VW Beetle

… actually it is quite painful to see a car being crash just like that

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TopGear vs Fifth Gear

Both are motoring TV series. But they are to compete each other. Comparing the quality of presentation, I let you decide which one is the best. Same car but different ...

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The last Lamborghini Gallardo

With the introduction of Aventador as the replacement for Murcielago, so everyone is expecting the new replacement model for the Gallardo. Lamborghini Gallardo was first introduce in 2003 at Geneva ...

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Video: Mercedes SLS AMG Vs Lamborghini LP-570

A video from Top Gear show a review for SLS AMG. Later in this video, Clarkson compete in a race between SLS AMG and Lamborghini

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Whose got the best driver–Top Gear vs Fifth Gear!

It is funny actually to see how they are competing each others in this video … watch it and hope you will enjoy!  

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