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BlogKeretaBiru.com are now on mobile phone!

1) Open your browser. Type the following address: www.BlogKeretaBiru.com 2) … and you will see a mobile version for our new blog! 3) To navigate for previous posts, simply use ...

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Getrag will have a new partner… Dongfeng?

Reported by Autoblog, it looks like Chineese automakers are looking for high tech and well known expert auto maker to be partner with. It is part of their strategy to ...

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Auto-driving Car–A demo by Google

An auto-driving car is a great idea. It helps people who does not have a good skill in driving to have a safe journey by their own car. If your ...

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The Science Behind Traffic Jams

I’m sure you have an very bad experience in traffic jams… stuck for an hour for 10 km journey and suddenly at the end, cars move like there nothing happen ...

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2012 GTA Spano debut on Geneva Motor Show 2011

At first I thought it is a new Ferrari.. seriously But it is not a new model from Ferrari, it is 2011 GTA Spano It can goes from 0-60 mph ...

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Video: Change tires on a moving vehicle?

Crazy stunts!

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Holden 350 Muscle

Lets go back to 2008 and visit the champion for Autoblackthrough (ABT) 2008 in Indonesia. This car is own by Sancha who win the grand prize for ABT; the new ...

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The Red Cerrari? Celica + Ferrari from Signal Auto

Let’s fly to Indonesia to visit Signal Auto. Signal Auto is one of well known in terms of their skills in customize cars in Indonesia. Their crazy creative ideas sometimes ...

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China Fire Truck with Jet Power Water Canon!

China have equip themselves with a  new fire truck for their fire department. This fire truck is non ordinary fire truck but it has a water canon with jet power. ...

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“A Letter” to Proton

Dear Proton,   Pertama sekali saya ingin mengucapkan tahniah kerana Proton kini dilihat telah kembali bangkit dari “Dark Ages” yang mana pernah satu ketika dahulu ramai yang mencaci dan ada ...

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