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bmw m4 mini donut set world record

BMW M4 and Mini Set New World Record

The new BMW M4 and Mini Cooper have set a new world record in Guinness World Record. They have successfully set 10 donuts spinning around a 2 wheels car in 1 ...

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BMW i8S With 500-HP Will Be Unveiled on BMW Celebrating 100th Birthday

BMW will celebrate their special day with 500 hp BMW i8s. It will used  the same chassis from current i8. BMW will packaged it with more forceful, element body, more luggage ...

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Spyshots: BMW X4 with M Performance Package

CarBuzz have spotted the new X4 is being tested without any camouflage stickers. The upcoming X4 will have a bigger wheels and brakes. It will also have a new aggressive ...

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BMW M3 big jump near missed crash in rally

Usually, a rally team will choose a 4WD cars when entering a rally championship. But Pritt Koik and Alari-Uku have chosen the BMW M3 as their car for Viru Rally ...

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BMW Celebrates with M4 DTM Championship Edition

BMW celebrates its winning in DTM touring car series with M4 DTM Championship Edition. They have made an impressive comeback by winning the constructors’ championship last year and driver’s category for this ...

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BMW M2 (2015) hotshot revealed

Our artist’s impressions by R.Varicak/Motor Forecast reveal the look of the new 2015 BMW M2; based on detailed insider information from the design studio in Munich, they depict a stubby ...

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2015 BMW X6

Spartanburg is the home of BMW US Manufacturing, where the automaker has been making a variety of models since 1994, including its current run of X3, X5 and X6 utilities (the plant is ...

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‘Respect Your Elders’ celebrates BMW E30 3-series

A team of BMW fans have recently produced a short film about the E30 titled “Respect Your Elders.” The film includes a number of interviews with BMW E30 3-series owners ...

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BMW E30 with Supra Engine!

It is easy to get more power with a lot less money if you convert your German car using the Japanese engine. Although critics said it is the car is ...

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Forza Horizon 2’s Mobil 1 Car Pack

For XBOX One fans, IGN reported Forza Horizon 2 have released their first car pack which includes the Jaguar F-Type R, 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco 16v, BMW M5 and three other ...

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