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Audi show off their RS7 autonomous concept at Hockenheim

Audi have shown their new concept car at Hockenheim with their new autonomous driving RS7. The concept car is not drive itself around the circuit in leisure mode. Instead, it ...

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Audi reveal new TT for racing

Audi have revealed the racing version of the new TT. It is based on the new Audi TT but with more aggressive aero kit. It will be pack with 2.0 ...

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360bhp Audi RS3

Draped in a psychedelic vinyl body wrap, this Audi RS3 prototype is the reason we are at the Nurburgring in a rather soggy Germany. To test a car to its ...

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Audi RS7 prototype is world’s sportiest self-driving car

Audi may not be the only automaker out there toying with self-driving automobile technology, but it is arguably the fastest of them. A few years back, it raced unleashed a driverless TTS on ...

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Audi LA teaser R8 or A9 concept

Audi has revealed a concept teaser ahead of the LA Motor Show that hints at a new R8 sports car or range-topping A9 model The first image hinting at an ...

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Audi readying hardcore final edition R8?

The days may be numbered on the current Audi R8, but if our latest round of spy photos is any indication, Audi’s first supercar is going to go out with a bang. This ...

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Audi S1 Review

The S1 hot hatch is the smallest S model that Audi produces, aiming to deliver all the accessible performance of some of the larger S models in a four-wheel-drive supermini. It’s the only ...

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Robotic Audi RS7 Around a Racetrack

Earlier this year, we spoke with Audi R&D chief Ulrich Hackenberg about the prospects and requirements for autonomous cars. At the time, he told us that he had defined two situations that ...

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Next-gen Audi Q7

Audi’s public relations team must really be getting fed up with research and design boss Ulrich Hackenberg. Aside from basically confirming that the next Audi R8 will share its bones with the Lamborghini ...

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Subaru WRX STI v Audi S3 v Volkswagen Golf R

VERDICT: All three vehicles, while different in execution, offer up compelling reasons for buyers to part with their hard earned cash in their own unique way. The Subaru WRX STI is ...

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