Subaru BRZ Concept STi

STi are well known to be a tuned version for Subaru Impreza. But Subaru have made a different approach to these BRZ Concept STi.


It is powered by normally aspired (N/A) engine 2.0L boxer engine with direct injection system from Toyota. These BRZ received a new design boxer engine to be fitted with rear wheel drive system. These cars only sits 120 mm lower to the ground. And with a boxer engine, it help these car to be more to the center of gravity.


These car is said to be experimental made by Subaru to test out what a light weight fully tuned suspension car can do. These BRZ received a carbon top roof with a aerodynamic front bumper followed to its rear. On its rear, it is a place where a huge spoiler like a GT wing with a twin aluminum tail pipe.




Enjoy these videos!

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