SL55 AMG (re-post)

Owned a luxury car is one thing but owning a luxury highly tuned performance car is greatest things to be proud of.


For most people, it is just enough if they could have a factory standard luxury car to be stayed under the garage. But for those who have a deep pocket and passion, the imagination of creation is more than you could imagine… hehehe


Look at this AMG SL55 owned by Kamil Witowski.

This car is powered by V8 Kompressor engine which produce 400hp

DPE ST7 sports rim with 19×9.5 at front and 19×10.5 at the back with Dunlop Direzza DZ10 225/35/19, really make this car stands out. Move to suspension system, this car used from the AirMatic. With this type of suspension, Kamil can set the height of his car as he want to.

For the exterior, this car received some part from SL65 model and there are also part which made from carbon fiber. The usage of carbon not just make it just nice to see but it also toughest.

Great car…

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