Saleen tuned Tesla Model S

Tuning cars with internal-combustion engines is a bit of a known science. Tuning cars that run on electricity, though, is a newer proposition. In Saleen’s case, that hasn’t meant so much a modification of the electric motor on this Tesla Model S, as a thorough reworking of the car’s aesthetics.

Aside from the monstrously large wheels (which are responsible for a 30-pound reduction in unsprung weight), the Saleen FourSixteen Model S sports a heavily revised front fascia that is perhaps the most questionable styling choice.

Gone is the Model S’ large Tesla badge, and in its place sits an undersized Saleen logo. This swap gives the front of the car an almost oversized look, which is further exaggerated by the total lack of anything resembling a grille. In back, there’s a substantial rear spoiler and a large, carbon-fiber diffuser.

There are some actual mechanical changes here, as evidenced by the FourSixteen’s carbon-ceramic brake package. The suspension has also been tweaked, with specific-rate springs and dampers, which should lend some edge to the EV’s ride, while a new final drive ratio should deliver snappier acceleration from Tesla’s P85 electric drivetrain.

Pricing for this more distinctive Model S, meanwhile, starts at $152,000, which includes the cost of the donor car. Of course, it’s unlikely any buyers will actually pay that figure, thanks to the standard government tax rebates available for EVs. According to Saleen, a California buyer would see prices starting at $142,000.

Source: autoblog


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