Russian-Tuned Lamborghini Gallardo Impersonates the Aventador

Lamborghini may be all over us with its Huracan and, recently, the Huracan Super Trofeo, but the Gallardo isn’t ready to give up on the spotlights just yet. This, of course, happens thanks to the tuning world and the latest example come from Russia. With… Aventador love.

Aftermarket Suhorovsky Design has created a Gallardo body kit that seeks inspiration in theLamborghini Aventador. Dubbed SR66, the package made its debut back in May, at the Krarow Moto Show 2014.

Nonetheless, the package didn’t stick to simply adopting a few extra air vents and blades mirroring those of the Aventador. The Russians took the whole story further, making the car’s styling details even more flamboyant than those of the V12-powered Raging Bull.

Here in the office opinions on the Suhorovsky Design Lamborghini Gallardo SR66 are split. While some appreciate the fresh aura the package offers to the Gallardo, other say the whole shenanigan was taken to far and risks being labeled under “overkill” – while the front seems to have a more organic approach, the massive diffuser and wing at the rear are the… splitters here.

Oh yes, like almost any tuner out there that gets its hands on a piece of motoring built in Sant’Agata Bolognese, the Russian company couldn’t help itself and strapped a massive fixed wing at the rear of the Gallardo.

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