Rolls-Royce Wraith – Car Review –

In todays car review we will look at the Rolls-Royce Wraith. The Wraith is derived from the Ghost, but it has its own personality. Fitted with a 624-hp version of the Ghost’s V-12, the wheelbase is shortened, and the fastback body is unique. The Wraith is quicker and sportier than the Ghost, with a light touch to the steering and a gently controlled ride. Rolls-Royce tradition abounds, with rear-hinged power doors, the available Starlight headliner, and a wide array of bespoke options that can launch the already-stratospheric base price into high orbit.

There is no way to justify the cost of a roughly $300,000 car, unless, of course, you have $300,000. That’s about where the Wraith will start, significantly higher than the cost of the Bentley Continental GT. But let’s say you want a headliner with 1340 individual fiber-optic lights to simulate the starry firmament, all inserted and trimmed by hand. Well, that’ll be $12,925 more. If you want the Santos Palisander–covered door panels, budget for another $12,500. And maybe none of the five upper-body and 29 lower-body paint color options is to your liking. More money.

In fact, the Rolls folk estimate that a heavily bespoke (they love that word!) Wraith will add about 30 percent to the cost of the car. But, hey, it’s pretty much as close as even very rich people will get to a true coachbuilt vehicle in the modern car world.


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