Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II 2014

 Subtle styling and technology tweaks make the Rolls-Royce Ghost a more complete package than ever. Yet with all this technology under the skin, it’s brilliantly simple to use and retains Rolls Royce’s unique old-fashioned flavour. The new Mercedes S-Class is probably more comfortable, and a whole lot cheaper, but then it doesn’t look or feel half as special as the Ghost.

 Since launching its ‘entry-level’ saloon in late 2009, Rolls-Royce has sold three Ghosts for every Phantom. As a result it enjoyed its fourth consecutive year of record sales in 2013 and expects to break the 4,000 unit barrier for the first time in 2014. Clearly, this mid-life refresh for the Ghost is crucial to get right.

The design team has resisted the temptation to tinker too heavily with the styling, although new wider and slimmer LED lights and a reshaped front bumper and fenders differentiate it from its predecessor. You’ll need a keen eye to spot that the grille has been raised by 30mm, there are new creases down the centre of the bonnet and the Spirit of Ecstasy is angled forward by a further seven degrees.

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