Proton Iriz Driven by Tun Mahathir

Proton have made an unexpected surprise by unveiling the new Proton model ahead of its launching day which expect to happen in 10 days. To make it more special, it is our beloved Tun Mahathir who drive the car around the town.

It is believed this the 1.6 VVT Premium model. The car looks so great. Proton have done a great job by implementing a new design language leaving other competitors far behind. It looks so fresh and feel energised. The paint looks so solid nicely done too especially on front and rear bumpers.

With Tun’s direction, all future models from Proton will have a nice design, high quality material both inside and outside and high safety features; a complete package for a soon-to-be-successful model.

Usually when a customer choose a basic model, all of the safety features will be ripped off but not with the new Proton. Proton want their customers to have a safe ride (Remember Proton SV edition? They taken out all nice-to-have items but they still equipped the car with ABS and airbags)

With this model, luckily Proton have chosen the right name “Iriz”. With a great name, high quality product and affordable price for different types of people, this model will be a big turn around for Proton to be more successful both for local market and international market.

We have review some of people thoughts on the internet abut this new model and it seems people are positive about it. We hope that Proton will do well in their business and don’t ruin people trust anymore in future. Good job team at Proton! You guys have done such a great job.

Here the tentative price specs sheets for the new Iriz.

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