Production Nissan IDx Not Coming Until After 2016

Nissan have introduced the IDx concept cars  (Freeflow and NISMO) at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show for entry-level sports car. But compare to Toyota, Subaru and Scion who teaming up to produce the BRZ/ GT-86/FR-S, Nissan had problem to find other car makers to co-develop it as reported by AutoEvolution.

Finding other parties to join develop the platform is common nowadays since a new car platform would involve a lot of money for a single company to absorb it.

The Nissan IDx is said to be the replacement for Nissan/ Datsun 510. The 510 is said to be one of the best car for new entry level segment for people in 60’s and 70’s who would like to have a sports car with smaller budget. It is now one of the most popular car among classic car enthusiast after Skyline GT2000.

If Nissan still want to proceed on its own, they have to sell 50,000 units car per year to cover the investment cost and it is unlikely to happen.

But if Nissan able to convince company like Proton, Tata and China car makers to join develop it, the IDx can be realized since there are strong market for entry level in those countries. In March 2014, Jay Leno had featured in his Youtube Channel; Jay Leno’s Garage. In this episode, he had invited the owner of 510 and also Nissan Creative Design Manager. Enjoy the video.

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