Nissan Juke-R

Reported by, the ‘R’ emblem on its back is not just “something nice to see”. These Juke have been heavily modified both on its exterior, interior and of course its engine.


Start from its engine, the old engine have been taken off replace with a Skyline GT-R R35 bi-turbo V6 which produce 480hp.


With a new engine, all Juke interior also need to be customize. If you can see most of the instrument part like meters and center LCD console are from the R35. Also there are no longer back seats for these Juke since it is been replaced with a roll cage.



Move to exterior part, changes can be seen on its front and rear bumpers, new side skirts and widen wheel fenders on all side of these Juke finished with black mate gloss paint.


All its wheels and braking system are taken directly from the GT-R but it is believed its been modified to suite the AWD system from the GT-R fit into these city cars.




These Juke are not meant for production. Only 2 model been made. One is for the right hand side driver and another one for the left hand side.


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