Next Mercedes Pullman Will Be Develop by Brabus?

Reported by EGMCarTech based on news by Automobilewoche, Mercedes-Benz may revive back the Pullman name.

Back in 1975, Mercedes have produce a huge 428 units of limousine Pullman which based on Mercedes 600 (2677 units Mercedes 600 were built and 428 units is the long wheel based Pullman)

600 Pullman is very rare model. Even its scale model 1:28 are very expensive on eBay. The new Pullman model is said to be developed based on S-Class model and it will be outsourced to Brabus. The model will be built to compete against Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley Mulsanne.

The price is expected to start from $1 million and may target customer from China who love long wheel based vehicle.

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