New Porsche Panamera

A revised version of the Porsche Panamera landed earlier this year, bringing updated styling and a plug-in hybrid powertrain, but Porsche is already deep into developing its successor. Caught testing in our spy shots, and shown here in exclusive images, the MkII Panamera is putting design at the top of the agenda, taking its inspiration from the rakish 2012 Sport Turismo concept.
Porsche CEO Matthias Muller has gone on record criticising the current car, especially the styling, saying: “there have been some mistakes and we will do it better…the design could be better.”
 It has also been widely reported that Porsche’s design boss Michael Mauer shares Muller’s opinion: “You have to recognise it is the new one, but as well, recognise that it is the successor. So the car will look different, it will look better, but you will see that it is the Panamera.”
However, Mauer is keen that the new Panamera still divides opinion: “I would prefer to have cars and products that polarise, rather than being just okay. I think that’s the worst thing for a product.”
On the outside a sleeker roofline, ‘ice-cube’ headlights borrowed from the 918 Spyder and full-width tail-lights from the Sport Turismo concept will boost the Panamera’s visual appeal. The button-strewn interior will be tidied up, with touch-sensitive panels on the centre console, like the 918 Spyder’s dash.
Under the skin, the new Panamera will evolve, too, using the VW Group’s new multi-material MSB platform that will also underpin the next-generation Audi A8 and Bentley Continental range. 
It’s lighter and stiffer than the current car’s underpinnings, helping the Panamera dip well below two-tonnes, and will also be designed to house an updated plug-in hybrid powertrain. 
As for the rest of the engine range, an all-turbocharged engine line-up for the 911 has been mooted. It’s also likely that Porsche will take the same route with the Panamera, improving economy and boosting performance. An on-sale date of 2018 is likely, with a reveal in 2017.
Source: Auto Express

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