Mercedes S-Class … a touch by INDEN Design

A standard S-Class is already a beautiful luxuries car. Includes with many high tech as a factory spec, this car is used by many big bosses.


But have you seen a big bad (the dark side) S-Class inside out?


Here come INDEN Design. They have already put their touch into this model and the result was amazing!


Let starts from its wheels. A new 20×10.5-inch set of wheels with 6 piston brake calipers at front and  4 piston brake caliper at the rear is fitted into this car. This car is also been lowered a 50 mm more compare to a standard S-class.


For its body kits, INDEN have put a new front and rear spoiler with a gray matte film covering its original paint. A new twin pipe exhaust system from INDEN make it perfect match for its rear side.


Moving to the inside, it is a mix match of carbon fiber and Alcantara material.



Seats been covered with a new black and white color scheme.



Its door panel also been rebuilt with white color, Alcantara material and carbon fiber door trim.



Not forget, the headliner also been covered with Alcantara



That’s it. A perfect big bad luxurious S-Class Open-mouthed smile



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