McLaren P1 GTR aims to be the best driver’s car in the world on track

McLaren has taken the wraps off the P1 GTRdesign concept which they claim it will be the “best driver’s car in the world on track.”
Shown as a design concept, the P1 GTR is being exhibited at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California and comes with a number of modifications over the road-going P1. First and foremost, McLaren’s engineers have tweaked the V8 3.8-liter twin-turbo mid-mounted engine and the electric motor and managed to bump output of the hybrid system from 916 PS (674 kW) to 1,000 PS (736 kW).
Aside from being more powerful, the track-only P1 GTR is also more aerodynamically efficient thanks a +80mm increased front track as well as a GT-style front splitter. It also comes with different radiator ducts, roof scoop, a lowered race-spec fixed ride height while behind the front wheel arches there’s an extra aerodynamic blade flowing along the bottom edges of the doors into the carbon fiber bodywork to an extra side panel at the rear which transfers more air in the radiator and increases rear floor aerodynamic efficiency.
The back of the car hosts a fixed twin-element wing sitting on carbon fiber pylons and boasting a hydraulically-operated Drag Reduction System (DRS). Underneath the wing is the centrally-positioned exhaust system made from inconel and titanium alloy and featuring a straight cut twin pipe configuration.
The McLaren P1 GTR rides on motorsport-spec 19-inch alloy wheels which are 10.5-inch wide at the front and 13-inch at the back and benefit from quick-release center locking nuts. There’s also an onboard air jacking system derived from the 650S GT3 for easier and quicker tire changes.
Built and maintained by McLaren Special Operations (MSO), the P1 GTR will enter production next year after the last P1 will be assembled. It will be offered exclusively to P1 owners who will also benefit from a program including specialist driver training as well as access to the company’s racing simulator and driving events.
McLaren hasn’t specified how many units will be built but they did say each will cost 1.98M GBP.
Source: McLaren

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