Whatever your stance is on the original Volkswagen Beetle, there is no denying that this little car from Germany is an automotive icon. The Beetle had a 64 year production run that ran from 1939-2003 in which time 21 million were produced. This means that not only is the little car recognized the world over, but it has garnered a fan base that has yet to be equaled by any other car, from any manufacturer, ever.

Its pint size shape and light weight meant that it was economical, and with a little air-cooled, rear-mounted engine out back, it meant that it was a cinch to work on and was reliable as a clock. Over the years fans of the Beetle have taken to customizing them in every way, shape and form. The cars are used as a blank canvas for ones imagination and because of this owners have seen fit to grace us with their visions of the perfect bug.

The two Beetles in this video come to us from the Low n’ Slow VW club in the UK, and while not everyone digs the low rider look, there’s no denying that these two little guys make a statement.


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