HKS Supercharger vs TRD Performance kit for GT86/ BRZ

The collaboration between Toyota and Subaru have result a new sport car for entry level; GT86 and BRZ. Both of them share the same platform and engine. Their difference can be identified from its exterior with different front and rear bumper.

If you watch Initial D, Takumi (the main character) love driving the Toyota AE86. The AE86 really give him a balance and control over his car. He start with Normally Aspired (NA) engine and then upgrade his engine when his engine blow up while drifting. In one of his race, he have a chance drifting in a 2 door Impreza owned by his dad. It is a unforgivable experience for him since the Impreza engine used a boxer engine which gave different character.

FT-86: GT86/ BRZ Concept Car

GT86 is said to be the descendant of AE86. When they said that they will collaborate with Subaru, all cars enthusiast are excited to test the new car which they expect it will combined with a well balance chassis, low gravity boxer engine and a big potential to upgrade.

Toyota have launched GT86 with NA engine and people wants more from the engine. Toyota Racing Development (TRD) have launch a limited edition version released in 2012.

The engine and its suspension were remain untouched but TRD have include a new sports exhaust system which improved its throttle response. They also have equip it with a bigger set of wheel – 18 inch. On its exterior, TRD have design a new front splitter, air diffuser on its back and new side skirts. But still it run the same NA engine.

So if the upgrade still does not met your spec, HKS have introduced supercharger kit for this engine. So, if you own either GT86 or BRZ, it can suite it as plug and play. The performance kit include Supercharger assembly, new traction oil cooler, installation bracket, suction pipe with blow off, intercooler pipe, ECU adjustment and HKS GT SC Kit. With this installation, it will improved your car from 157 hp to 235 hp.

The following video shows the comparison between TRD and HKS GT86. Enjoy it and maybe it help you to make your decision.

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