Head Up Display Like to Improve Lap Like In the Game

This entire is basically based on idea in racing games but it is being extended to bring it to real world named GhostDash.

The Kickstarter battle is broken into three real levels. For $40, pledgers simply get the product to run on a Windows gadget (the organization proposes a Surface Pro tablet). For $1,900, individuals likewise get the projector and screen to show the HUD on. At long last, $3,600 additionally adds a Surface Pro 3 to run the product and Vbox Sport GPS unit. For the two lower levels, purchasers need to supply their own particular GPS gadget and Ghostdash right now backs three gadgets with arrangements to include two more.

Creating this sort of tech is an enormous undertaking, yet High Rise Garage is as of now considering what’s to come. It in the long run needs to add peculiarities like custom maps to help clients who autocross and a hustling line to the product. Also, you can share your maps and ghost with others. This will help to make it more rich content.

Span down to watch a feature of the Ghostdash in action.

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