Hacking a car … a new way of carjacking

In the age of technology where almost everything can be accessed online, it is common to hear hackers hack into computer due to its vulnerabilities and they may steal something without having to be physically presence at the crime scene.

With more sophisticated cars been produced each years with cool features, it will increase chances for hackers. Usually, carjacking require action to be physically inside the car. The following video shows that if hackers able to tap into your car system, they can do it while the driver still drive the car and able to handle everything in your car.

Automakers now have challenges not just from engineering aspect but also on technology aspect. reported by AutoBlog, Zhejiang University team claimed that they have successfully hacked into Tesla Model S system and won $10,000 at the Symposium on Security for Asia Network 2014 and able to exploiting door locks, horn and window control while the vehicle was moving. It is welcomed by Tesla and they will get things to be fixed in short time.

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