Go Out and Play: Porsche’s Cayman GTS Is Good—Go-Kart Track Good

There’s no better way to show off a car’s agility than setting it loose on a go-kart track, and Porsche is eager to play up the playfulness of its newest Cayman variant, the GTS. You may have seen this story line before, but like a favorite rerun, it’s worth looking at again. After all, this is a Cayman GTS we’re talking about here. The mid-engine Porsche looks cool sitting still, so a video of one blasting around a tight, winding indoor circuit is anything but boring.
Building on the already competent Cayman S, the GTS gets an additional 15 horsepower for a total of 340, plus PASM adaptive suspension and the Cayman’s optional Sport Chrono package. Mix in the unique trim and 20-inch black wheels, and the GTS is the Cayman to beat. This video only makes us want to drive one more than ever. Watch it below:

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