Glow in the dark road – only in Netherlands

Reported by BBC, Daan Roosegaarde (interactive artist) and Dutch Civil engineering team have team up to work on this project.

Glow in the dark technology for road use will help to increase visibility in country roads which have no street lights and may also help government to save money on street lights.
During daylights, the photo luminising powder will charge up and slowly release a green glow during the night. Give effect like a Tron movie.
The pilot project have been started on the N329 in Oss (100 km south east Amsterdam). Reported by TMR, the glow in dark the powder seems to sensitive to large amounts of moisture and it becoming dull after a rain. Until next summer, they will keep the pilot project on hold while they will find a solution for it.
The idea of glow in the dark road have been around since 1964. With this technology is being improve, it will help country road to be more safe for drivers.

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