Ferrari F40 – Liberty Walk-

Every now and again you come across a car that leaves a long lasting impression on you. For builders and workshops there’s always a certain risk involved when either modifying a car to an extreme, or even modifying a rare exotic at all. In the cases that the risk pays off however, the result is truly rewarding. Enter the Liberty Walk ‘Dolce’ Ferrari F40.

Without a doubt, all Liberty Walk cars have that lasting impression. Of recent it’s been extreme wide-body kit exotics from their fleet of Lamborghini’s, their BMW M3 and the latest Nissan R35 shown at SEMA just last year. Before all of that though, there was this. Kato-San, president of Liberty Walk took the bold move in painting the Ferrari F40 in the white you see pictured, that’s because all Ferrari F40’s produced were painted in Ferrari’s signature red from the factory.

Taking that even further, Liberty Walk redesigned the rear bumper, albeit slightly by adding a rear diffuser then a rear spoiler conversion. This was done to replicate the LM race version of the car and is adjustable to allow for more downforce.

The engine has been left relatively stock and there’s a reason why you wouldn’t need to tamper with it. This was the last car that Enzo Ferrari had approved and commissioned into production before his death, encompassing the best of a race car that has been made into one of the worlds greatest road cars. It’s pushing 471HP in the mid-mounted twin turbo V8, weighing in at only 1,100 kilograms. The one thing that Kato-San did change however is the way it sounds.

Source: TheLowdown


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