F1 2014 is much more interesting!

Formula 1 is set to be one of the ultimate lab of every car manufacturer. It had contributed many of current technologies that we used today. Better brake, more light chasis, aero dynamic, carbon fibre; you name it.

But personally, I am not a huge fans on F1 due to the fact it doesn’t directly related to me since I used a normal car.

The technology is basically for the rich people:


Engine capacity: 3.0 L, V10


Engine capacity: 2.4 L, V8

Interestingly, F1 announced for 2014 season, all cars must used better environmental friendly engine and restricted to fuel usage


Engine capacity: 1.6 L, V6 with turbo charged

Is it getting weak? No, it will be much more interesting since all teams must have the technology to make their F1 cars more efficient. 

People are looking for less fuel consumption but with better performance. Bigger engine doesn’t mean it will have a performance anymore. Volkswagen have proved it.

It is also interesting since we can hear turbine sound from the on board camera on the F1 cars. 

Have a look at the following explanation from the Red Bull team:

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