Ducati-powered Volkswagen XL Sport revealed in Paris

This is VW XL Sport. It was revealed by Volkwagen at the 2014 Paris Motor Show and it is the 200 millionth car produced by Volkwagen. This concept is based on XL1 but it is not about fuel economy focus.

XL Sport is powered by 197 horsepower V2 by Ducati with 7-speed DSG automatic gearbox. To enable it to be driven on road, its torque were limited to 130Nm. The engine were built with titanium connecting rods and magnesium allows which allow the car to be revved up to 11,000 rpm.

On its exterior,  the XL Sport have a wider body, a tweaked chassis and wider tyres to improve stability and grip.

It takes 5.7 seconds from static to 62 mph with the top speed of 167 mph.

The interior have been redesigned a bit with new digital instrument for motor sport activities, decorative red stitching and aluminium shift paddles.

Source: AutoExpress UK

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