Datsun rebirth

Datsun is a company from Japan which produce small cars. Datsun was owned by DAT Motorcar Co. In 1931, the company choose the name Datson (DAT-son) which indicate smaller size car compare to other larger size vehicle.

In 1934 when Nissan take over DAT, the name was change to Datsun; as honor the sun depicted in Japan National Flag. Datsun name is famous for 510, Fairlady and Skyline. These models are known for its performance and reliability. People also love other Datsun cars due to its fuel efficiency, easy and cheap to maintain. But in 1986, Nissan phase out Datsun brand.

The good news, in 2013, Nissan have bring back the Datsun brand with a new logo (Without the red sun). It is use for low entry level. Under this category, they target Datsun will produce cheaper car for development countries. It is a good move from Nissan. Since there is a large market from this category. People under this category does not want luxury equipment. They only need a safe transportation for their family from A to B.

Currently, Datsun have launch 3 models in Indonesia market; Datsun Go and Datsun Go+. We believe it will have a good sales figure since it is cheap (less than USD 9000.00) and the design is acceptable looks good.

Visit Datsun Official Website for more details.

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