Datsun 520 pickup -Players Style-

 Like most things in life, when it comes to custom car building, a little thought can go a very long way. Some of the coolest creations we come across in our travels aren’t necessarily those with the most modifications, but rather machines with substance and style – even in the most simplistic form.
  Like those projects and the ones that have come before them, the beauty of this build is in the details and the way it’s come together as a whole.
 Taking the Datsun from stock standard condition to the show floor in less than a month was always going to be a big ask given its age, but long before the first rust-fused bolt was painfully unwound, Jay and Carl knew exactly what they wanted to end up with, and with the help of a few key partners, how to achieve that within a very tight time frame.
 That said though, this is not the model – nor make – that the pair first envisaged for their retro pickup build. Sights were originally set on a Chevy C10 of similar vintage, but as Jay explained to me, the exponential increase in popularity of that model in the UK in recent years ultimately ruled it out. The chances of ever seeing another customised 520 on the European show circuit however, were extremely slim. 
 The fact that the ex-Californian import was already in the UK and registered, but not yet used on the road, was a deciding factor for Jay and Carl, as was its condition that was completely original in every respect, right down its factory-fitted Nissan J13 1.3L engine, and a body that bore the scars of 48 year’s worth of wear. For the project in mind, the Datsun was perfect in every respect.
With Ultimate Dubs’ deadline looming, there was little time to reminisce about the past though. Some major reconstruction was on the agenda, and for the main crux of that work, Balls’d Drop Shop in Suffolk was the first port of call.
source: SpeedHunter


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