20 years of Need for Speed

31st August 2014 … it is 20 years from the first released of Need for Speed games. I still remember playing it on my cousin PC back then. Need for ...

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Video: Lamborghini SuperTrofeo by eGarage

Enjoy the video and have a happy weekend.

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XCAR – The Richard Usher Story

Blyton Park is a track owned by Richard Usher. It is located in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. The track originally was a training war based during in1942. He rebuilt it with ...

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Video: 1980 Toyota Corolla Liftback Commercial

Nowadays, 1980’s Corolla Liftback is one of the cars you hardly find in a good shape. The two doors frameless windows are one of the features loved by Toyota fans. ...

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Video: Toyota Celica – Japan’s Forgotten Fastback

ElectricFederal present to a story of Brian Karasawa who own the 1st generation of Celica. Celica is model made by Toyota to compete with Nissan who own Skyline during that ...

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2016 Prius will offer AWD and two battery options

Reported by AutoEvolution, Toyota will provide an all wheel driver (AWD) system and two options as an extra in 2016. Customers can choose either current nickel-metal hybrid (Ni-Mh) or all ...

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Daughter Surprises Stepdad with Porsche 914

Raising a family require a lot of sacrifice by parents. They always try to fulfil needs by their children first before themselves. Kristin Russell have always remember great time with ...

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Orchestrated Engineering by Porsche

In order to improve customer satisfaction and compete with other luxury car makers, Porsche provide an option for their customers to include Burmester High-End Surround System in all their car ...

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LaFerarri’s test driver push so hard up until the rear right suspension failed

LaFerrari was introduced at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show. It is a limited production hybrid sports car which target to increase fuel efficiency with better performance. The following video record ...

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Video: The New Smart Car … A New Revolution?

Smart cars have been around for more than a decade. Smart cars are known for their small size compact car that is suitable to be driven in a city with ...

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