A 2009 C8 Spyker … a car from Holand

Spyker is a car from Holand made by the Dutch.   But it heart is powered by 4.2 L V8 from the Audi (German).     The interior design is ...

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Ford Fiesta!

Ford Fiesta is a used by Ken Block in rally arena. I really like this car. It small but it can be a nasty boy…     And of course ...

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The New Subaru WRX STI tS

News from revealed the new Subaru WRX STI tS.   It is based on 4 door sedan. Here is some pictures of this new car.     I don’t ...

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The New Peugeot RCZ … an alternative to Audi TT and Fairlady 370z

Here is some review on the new Peugeot RCZ by TMR   This new RCZ is look more like an Audi TT (but much better I guess) but the front ...

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Porsche Panamera R (By Larson Auto Design)

Get this from It is based on Porsche Panamera (970)     Fetch your kids at school with this car is not a bad idea huh?

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A Gullwinged KIA? … The KV7

The TMR have unveiled the new concept car from KIA. It may be presented on this January at Detroit Auto Show.   So, we can have an idea what are ...

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Mod a scaled model … damn it’s so cool!

To mod a real car is not a big challenge if your have enough money, you have passion and patient to do it. But to mod a scaled car, yes ...

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A soft top Audi R8 and Porsche 997

Funny but it has some points … 😛

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Its big and bad… the Lamboghini L700-4 – Aventador

Rumors are spread around the globe for the new replacement model for Lamboghini Murcielago. Some leaked pictures revealed an overall concept how it should look like.. and of course it ...

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Kawan aku ada bertanyakan sama ada Suzuki Swift berbaloi utk dibeli especially interms of fuel consumption (fc). Jadi aku bgtau kpd beliau, kalau aku, aku prefer Honda City since ia ...

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