SLS AMG Black Series Bodykit

SLS AMG is an expensive car to buy and on top of that Mercedes have came up with SLS AMG Black Series as the high end options for the SLS. ...

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The most amazing moment the drag racing driver saved the car

It is lucky enough this 4g63 driver able to save the car from being wrecked by the enormous horsepower.

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BMW i8S With 500-HP Will Be Unveiled on BMW Celebrating 100th Birthday

BMW will celebrate their special day with 500 hp BMW i8s. It will used  the same chassis from current i8. BMW will packaged it with more forceful, element body, more luggage ...

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Head Up Display Like to Improve Lap Like In the Game

This entire is basically based on idea in racing games but it is being extended to bring it to real world named GhostDash. The Kickstarter battle is broken into three ...

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Audi reveal new TT for racing

Audi have revealed the racing version of the new TT. It is based on the new Audi TT but with more aggressive aero kit. It will be pack with 2.0 ...

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BMW M3 big jump near missed crash in rally

Usually, a rally team will choose a 4WD cars when entering a rally championship. But Pritt Koik and Alari-Uku have chosen the BMW M3 as their car for Viru Rally ...

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BMW Celebrates with M4 DTM Championship Edition

BMW celebrates its winning in DTM touring car series with M4 DTM Championship Edition. They have made an impressive comeback by winning the constructors’ championship last year and driver’s category for this ...

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Best look at next Mercedes E-Class

Development work on the all-new Mercedes E-Class is well underway, with our exclusive images showing the look of the comprehensively overhauled fifth-generation car, set to arrive in 2016. They’re based on spy ...

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Exploding Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

Between Las Vegas and the emirates of the Persian Gulf, we’re sure there are Rolls-Royces to be found in the desert all the time. And we don’t doubt that, given those locations, ...

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New Porsche Panamera

A revised version of the Porsche Panamera landed earlier this year, bringing updated styling and a plug-in hybrid powertrain, but Porsche is already deep into developing its successor. Caught testing in our ...

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