Bugatti Veyron Vitesse L’Or Rouge

At the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, Bugatti presented a unique model based on the Veyron Grand Sport called l’Or Blanc, basically meaning white gold. To this day, the unique porcelain-encrusted machine is one of the most beautiful versions famous hypercar ever made. And not surprisingly, more than a few customers demanded something similar.

About a month ago, this thing emerged on the scene, an undocumented but extremely sexy version of the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse called L’Or Rouge. As it turn out, there’s two of them, one in Shanghai, and another one in America, which was recently filmed at the Symbolic Motors Cars & Coffee event.

Instead of white, the color scheme uses red in combination with black, even on some of the details, like the inner door cards. It’s a dramatic look, worlds apart from the uncluttered style of the original Veyrons. Mind you, the technology on offer and the output of the engine have been updated as well. Vitesse models pack 1,200 hp instead of the usual 1,000 hp, which is why they also require larger air intakes for the dozen radiators.

Bugatti has uncharacteristically not issued an official press statement about this car, perhaps being too preoccupied with the Veyron’s successor. But it’s unlikely two customers living half a world apart chose to have the same color scheme on the same car.



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