BMW M2 (2015) hotshot revealed

Our artist’s impressions by R.Varicak/Motor Forecast reveal the look of the new 2015 BMW M2; based on detailed insider information from the design studio in Munich, they depict a stubby car that takes today’s M235i and adds an extra dose of menace and muscle.

Quad exhaust pipes and a subtle boot lip spoiler dominate the car’s rump, while the front of the M2 is marked by extra air intakes and a bulging bonnet. The M badge features front and rear on the kidney grille and boot lid.

Munich is planning to equip the M2 with a detuned version of the 3.0-litre straight six in the latest M3 and M4. It’s still twin-turbocharged, but we detail the exact engineering tweaks in the full magazine story. Expect power to shrink to 369bhp and torque to 384lb ft, from big brother’s more fulsome 425bhp/406lb ft. That’s internal politics for you.
Source: Car Magazine


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