BamBoo concept by Rinspeed

Rinspeed will make a debut at the Geneva Motor Show by showing their new concept car; the BamBoo which designed by pop artist James Rizzi.


This car is fun! The design concept evoke a retro concept but with a new high tech material.

Start from its sound system, this BamBoo concept are equip with JBL.114771944263612015010135152501771204525


The dashboard is simple (yup… just long round things) but it is efficient1396656563160292827


From the left side, it has all required controls like on/ off switch, light (normal and high beam), signal and a honk.



Next, for its gauge, it has a simple digital meter.




and this car has dock station for HTC Flyer tablet…. nice one!175177044070405673816901590131743810796


This car is suitable to be used at the beach since its roof has a 2 parts and all of them can be remove to feel the fresh air.



With a four seats car, you can also bring along your friends to the beach or if you want to bring extra luggage, the back seats can flatten down to gave an extra room.




The body of this car is made by a composite and it make this car weight only 1090 kg



With 17 inch wheels made from aluminums, this car is powered by small electric motor which produce 54kW (72hp/ 73ps). This car can hit a top speed of 120 km/h and can cover for 105 km before it need to be recharged.


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