Audi RS3 Sportback (2015) Spyshot

 The disguise is peeling away from the new 2015 Audi RS3, revealed in our latest spy photos. And the latest information from Ingolstadt is that the hot hatch power war is showing no signs of dissipating: the new RS3 Sportback arriving early in 2015 is tipped to get 360bhp.
 It’s a worrying trend in hot-hatchkind: as nearly all GTIs turn to turbocharging and downsizing for their thrills, heady power outputs are but a microchip boost away. Do power figures to eclipse many Porsches make these hyper-hatches better to drive?
Sadly, not always. But here’s hoping that the 2015 Audi RS3 allays our fears. The campaign for stimulating hot hatchbacks – rather than runaway power figures – starts here! For more information go to CARMagazine.


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