Al “The crazy jumper”

It is a suicide with you try to jump in front of a Lamborghini with the speed of 130 km/h without any preparation.

But Al “The crazy jumper” have done it. Even a stuntman used harness to do this kind of action.

Before his attempt, he already have a fitness preparation to strengthen his leg and stabilised his body. He really work hard and during his attempt timing is the most important thing to take note.

He always like jump and jump and jump … and his ultimate goal is to jump 2 cars in a single jump and write history of it. I don’t know whether he means 1 time jump for 2 cars or  1 attempt with 2 times jump  for 2 cars. But if he really want to pass 2 cars in a single jump, it is almost impossible and insane thing to do. It is because you have to jump higher, both cars need to drive faster and the timing need to be perfect.

Good luck.

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