AC Schnitzer put their hands on BMW 1 Series M Coupe and BMW 650i convertible


Reported by Autoblog.com, a well known BMW tuning company, AC Schnitzer, have put their hands on the limited edition sports car; BMW 1 Series M Coupe and the new BMW 650i convertible


AC Schnitzer have upgrade the top end BMW 1 Series M Coupe from 340 hp to 400 hp. While for the co onvertible 6 series, they have able to increase the engine output from 407 hp to 540 hp.


With power increased, the braking and suspension system for both cars have been upgraded.


The cosmetics part for each cars also been enhanced with more aero dynamics tweaks.


On interior side, AC Schnitzer touched can be seen on seats, steering wheels, pedals and also other parts inside the cabins with Alcantara and aluminum.


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