A 20B Turbo S30Z

 In a world where lap times rule all, there usually isn’t a whole lot of room for personal style. That’s not to say there aren’t great looking time attack machines – because there are – but if a modification doesn’t serve to make the car go around the track faster, there really is no use for it in this discipline.

 This time attacker is different though. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s built and driven by Common Snapper’s Noriaki Miyamoto – one of the most eccentric car builders in Japan.

 As you saw in Dino’s shop visit story, Common Snapper is not your typical Japanese workshop. It’s the place where you’ll find Cadillac lowriders parked alongside wide body Porsche 911s and engine-swapped Nissan Bluebirds. How can you not love it?

 While he enjoys many types of vehicles, Miyamoto-san’s all-time favorite car is the first generation Nissan Fairlady Z. He’s built several of them, including the white RB-powered street machine that introduced the modified car world to Common Snapper many years ago.

 Miyamoto-san loves the S30 so much that a couple of years back he decided to turn one into a dedicated time attack car. His home track happens to be Japan’s legendary Suzuka Circuit, and from the beginning he had visions of attacking Suzuka’s iconic corners in his beloved Fairlady Z.

 Now, the choice to even build a time attack car out of an old Z was an unusual one, but with its light weight and accommodating engine bay, he figured the classic Nissan could be built to run with the modern machinery that populates most track days and time attack meets in Japan. Starting with a left-hand drive base car, he got to work building one of craziest S30s in the world.

One of the first things on Miyamoto-san’s list was to decide on the Z’s power plant. There was the option of a built L-series, but that would make it difficult to achieve the power numbers he’d need. There was also the RB option – but he had been there and done that too. This one was going to be different – very different

Despite his love for the S30 platform, Miyamoto-san is no purist and his final engine choice was about as unconventional as it gets. Not a turbocharged four cylinder, not a straight six, not a V8… In fact, he would actually be skipping the pistons altogether.
Source: SpeedHunter


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