2016 Audi TT: Driving With Its Virtual Cockpit A Vision Of The Future

Beginning with the 2016 TT (including both the TT and TTS Coupe models we drove this past month and the TT Roadster lineup just recently detailed), Audi is taking its long-evolved Multi-Media Interface a dramatic step into the future—entirely by skipping the infotainment screen in the middle of the dash, and instead bringing it right in front of the driver.

It’s all powered by the latest NVIDIA processing technology, and Audi boasts that it had a no-lag, no-latency target in development, which it achieved (you can’t see any screen-update lag when you blip the accelerator and rev the engine, either).

There are a few issues we see with general usability. If you’re following navigation directions, the scrolling of the map can be tough to follow, given the screen’s very wide, very thin display; and if your passenger wants to play DJ or help with navigation directions, well that’s pretty much out of bounds. It’s driver-centric to an extrement, and that definitely won’t be for everyone
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