2015 Mazda 2

It looks like eager dealers can’t hardly wait to begin taking orders for the all-new 2015 Mazda 2 SkyActiv — a car which we’ve recently test driven in Japan, and have been quite impressed with so far. We spotted these brochures on the social media page of a popular Mazda dealership, quoting two variants of the all-new Mazda 2, the Sedan and the Hatch, priced at RM85,XXX and RM87,XXX estimated respectively.

But wait a minute… a Sedan? We are aware that an all-new Mazda 2 Sedan has always been in the plans but this car has yet to make a debut anywhere in the world. Strangely, the brochure indicates that a Mazda 2 Sedan variant is opened for bookings as well, something we’ve yet to see anywhere in the world – it’s all been about the Mazda 2 Hatch up to this point.

A quick look at the spec sheet, and it’s easy to see a few other strange items. For starters, a Heads Up Display (HUD) is mentioned, along with paddle shifters. These would be great additions to the Mazda 2, but it’s quite hard to believe that a Malaysian-market one could feature them, given our last discussions with Bermaz reps. Achieving the right pricing for the Mazda 2 is also crucial, with the process proving to be a little bit of a challenge for those involved right now. 
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