2015 Ford Mustang

After 50 years and 9.2 million sales, the Ford Mustang is finally coming to the UK in right-hand-drive form. For the 50th anniversary, Ford is bringing the latest Mark VI Mustang. It lands next spring, A coupé with the 305bhp/300lb ft, 2.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine and manual six-speed gearbox will cost just less than £30,000.
The suspension has been reworked, with the first independent rear end on a mainstream Mustang, while the wings and bonnet are aluminium to trim weight. All the European cars have a Performance Pack as standard, which includes improved suspension, wider wheels and tyres, and selectable responses for the steering, stability control and automatic gearbox (where fitted).

The interior has been given a much-needed upgrade, but while this is an improvement for the Mustang, it still lags behind European class standards.

The new Mustang goes some way to answering the criticisms of the pony car in Britain, but it’s still simple and raw, requiring respect, a physical approach to driving and strong shoulders – that’s just how they are.

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