2014 jeep cherokee trailhawk featuring

2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk for Malaysia Market


A lot of people are starting to buy a crossover SUV and there are many options in the market if you want to own one (Kia Sportage, Mazda CX-5, Honda CR-V), but what is a crossover SUV anyway? In general, crossover SUV can be define as a road car that combines the features of an SUV such as high point seating, high ground clearance, and off roading capability with features from normal road car such as easy handling and good fuel economy.


In today’s article we going to talk about one particular SUV that just enter our Malaysia market, that is Jeep Cherokee. The name Cherokee can be traced back to 1974 when Jeep brand was own and build by American Motors Corporation (AMC), back then the model is still an SUV. Then in 1987, Jeep was bought by Chrysler Group LLC and it remains with them untill now. Cherokee have gone through several major redesigned over the years and Jeep introduced the current 2014 Cherokee model as a mid-size crossover SUV. Cherokee comes on our shores with the all-new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk model.


The 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk raises the bar of what is expected from a modern SUV. For a starter, it comes with a nine-speed automatic transmission. Some people might have reservation when they hear about nine speed transmission because it can be associated with the gear going out all over the place when you want to down-shift to make a pass, or trying to up-shift really fast to try to conserve fuel when you don’t want it to. It is not the case with this transmission because Jeep have done a lot of work to rectify all the issues on the software and the time Jeep spend on that will be valuable for the customers.


Secondly, it comes with the very capable engine in the form of 3.6-litre V6 Pentastar engine. It produced 270 Hp and the engine can give a lot of motivational force, in a sense its not really a fast SUV, but it can be really quick when you step on it. You can see a “Trail-Rated” logo is put at the side of the car, that means the car is capable of doing some off-roading if you choose to do so. This is possible because the Trailhawk is equipped with Jeep Active Drive Lock 4WD with rear axle Locker, off-road suspension, and skid plate.


When we talk about the interior, it feels very comfortable with the premium leather seating surfaces and the red interior accent stitching just add into the luxuriousness of the interior. As for the control layout, everything is really easy to find, use , understand, and I love the Uconnect 8.4 inch touch screen media / navigation system. Its really easy to access the menus by choosing one of the buttons at the screen, all the touch buttons are really easy to find and very responsive. There is plenty of room at the back seat of the car even for a big person, it feels roomy and very comfortable.


In conclusion, all the off-roading hardware capability that involved in the Jeep Trailhawk edition, does not negatively impact the way the car rides and handles on the pavement. Its drive easily and does not feel like you are driving a truck, the car would be suitable for young adults that want to have some fun but doing it with style, or families wanting that little bit of extra space for their children. The car is available in 10 different colors and the priced starts at RM378,889.


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