2011 Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift were first introduced in Malaysia market in early 2007. With 1.5 L engine, it gave enough power to run this compact car.

old - 06sportf3qst

Rumors have spread around the globe in early 2010 for the new Suzuki Swift. This rumors began when some leaked pictures revealed on several websites; believed to be the new Swift.


Click Read More to view the real pictures of 2011 Suzuki Swift and video.
The new swift grown almost 100mm in overall (taller and wider). It came with a bigger headlamp and fit with a new taillight (look fresh)

The new taillight look a bit like a Peugeot 308, isn’t it?

Current Swift:

The new Swift also came with a new dashboard design. I like this new design. More stylish.

Compare to current Swift:
old swift_interior

Next, we can compare the different between these 2 models.

Let take a look this video:

Although it is a compact car, the safety features was not left behind. Let view some crash test session perform for this car.

Regarding its pricing in Malaysia, I don’t have any details about it. Maybe it will be a bit expensive from current version.. who knows? So, there are 2 options for you. Buy current Swift since they might have special promotion for this car OR wait for the new model to arrive and be the first buyer. Both are pretty. The decision is all in your hand Winking smile


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