1974 Toyota Corolla KE20 4AGE 20V Blacktop by Performance Options


While browsing on Youtube, I saw this interesting project. It is a 1974 Toyota Corolla aka KE20 Peanut (this car looks like a peanut from side) with a new swap engine. I do some research and found some luck in


This red peanut is owned by Virgillio Jumamoy and it came with new heart from a 4AGE engine (Normally Aspired) engine. This engine is well known as a high rev engine.


The swapping and upgrading process was done by Bay Area’s Performance Options; a nostalgic car tuning shop situated in Oakland California USA. To transfer the power efficiently, it used T50 transmission with AE86 at rear end.


In 2011, this car win Best in Show for Toyota Fest 2011. Well done! The next 2 videos shows these car in the making …

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